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Being Well hope to offer engaging and relatable workshops that model an open culture towards looking after the wellbeing of ourselves and those around us. The aim of our workshop programme is to get students thinking and talking about mental health and wellbeing, increasing mental health literacy and promoting resilience in students.

Student Workshops

Through surveys previously conducted with teachers across sixth forms in Surrey, we have identified that many teachers do not feel qualified to deal with students who approach them about a mental health issue, despite this happening frequently in their classrooms. We would like to host interactive staff forums to work together with staff to better understand the mental health needs of individual schools and equip teachers with ways to respond to students who are in distress.


Staff Forums

We aim to establish an effective support network for students experiencing mental health issues through parent presentations. These presentations would encourage open discussion amongst parents, as we consider this to be just as important as promoting an open environment for the students. Parents may not be able to recognise their children’s mental health needs, and we would like to direct them towards resources that can improve their own understanding of these topics.


Parent Presentations

A collection of published resources, gathered from a range of reliable sources, is available on the Being Well website. This material covers a wide range of wellbeing-related topics as well as mental health profiles for some of the most common conditions such as depression and anxiety. One of the key issues that we have identified as a charity is that although these resources exist online, they can be difficult to find and are not well signposted by many institutions. These will be supplementary to workshops, permitting students to locate and access continued support where necessary following workshops. The overall aim of this service is to provide easily accessible resources to students, empowering them to better understand their own mental wellbeing.

Signposting Resources
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