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Workshop Volunteer

Being Well is a mental health charity offering wellbeing workshops to sixth form age students in Surrey. The aim of our workshop programme is to get students thinking and talking about mental health and wellbeing, increasing mental health literacy and promoting resilience in students. We are looking for volunteers who are enthusiastic about mental health and helping other students to understand and improve their own. A background in psychology is preferrable but not essential.  


You will be working alongside 2-3 other students on a weekly basis to help deliver pre-made workshops to the students. You will need to be able to commit one hour for preparation and two hours for delivery, plus travel time each week for 5 weeks. All travel expenses will be covered and you will receive a Being Well T-Shirt to deliver the workshops in. 

Time Commitment: 3 hours per week for 5 weeks 


Start Date: Flexible


Location: Guildford/Dorking 

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